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Why choose Clydesdale?

Quite simply for its build quality, attractive appearance and value for money.

However you'll probably find these claims are made by all manufacturers – most of whom use materials a fraction of the specification of our own.

Unfortunately there is no British Standard to make this a level playing field (we wish there were!). So how do you know? Well we could tell you that a typical 2 x 3.5 metre 'section' of a Clydesdale building weighs in at 140 kg, where others would typically be 70 Kg - but that doesn't tell the full story.

We could draw your attention to our 1" V-jointed, planed, pressure-treated, tongue & groove Redwood compared to the ½" 'shiplap' cladding you may find elsewhere. Or perhaps our 3"x2" planed and eased, preservative-treated Redwood framing – for you'll not find untreated, unplaned 2" x 2" softwoods used on any of our buildings. You will elsewhere. And then there's the heavy duty, hot-dipped galvanised hinges, coachbolts and fittings – again often double the specification of other buildings. All claiming to be 'highest qualty'. It's for this reason that we always, always recommend customers to check out the specification of materials being used, as well as what is included in the price (and not an 'extra'!). Our specification is comprehensive – check here to see how ours are made.

Finally, whilst you may want the best quality building you can afford – the best value for money (quite different from the cheapest!), we would also draw your attention to the level of customer service. We are an old-established family firm with old-fashioned values; we do our upmost to offer the best advice – including where costs can be saved as well as design options and practical considerations. We are not a "9 'to 5" business and can be contacted at any reasonable time 7 days a week at our working farm. Your building is made to order, so we can include bespoke details to make it ideal for your needs – door widths, window positions, roof heights, insulation. If you decide to buy elsewhere we accept that with courtesy and understanding, there is no obligation simply because you've discussed your project with us.

But choose a Clydesdale and you can be assured your building will last and last - and will be more than capable of handling your most demanding expectations. A pride to own and enjoy.

To discuss your project call us on 01663 746784 or mail